From Maps for MediaWiki

The default configuration of the Maps extension are fine for most wikis. There is no required configuration that needs to be done after installation.

You can configure Maps via the LocalSettings.php file in your wikis root directory. If you are not familiar with this file, please have a look at MediaWikis "LocalSettings.php" manual.

Configuration Example

wfLoadExtension( 'Maps' );
$egMapsDefaultService = 'leaflet';
$egMapsMapWidth = 500;

Supported Configuration

You can find a list of all configuration settings supported by the latest version of Maps in the "DefaultSettings.php" file.

If you are using an older version of Maps, you can view the configuration settings supported in that version by looking at the "DefaultSettings.php" file of your wiki. You can find it in at extensions/Maps/DefaultSettings.php. If this file does not exist, look for Maps_Settings.php instead.