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Maps supports "distance queries" via its integration with Semantic MediaWiki.

Distance queries are an extension to Semantic MediaWiki's query syntax. They allow restricting results to those with coordinates close to a specified location.

Query syntax[edit | edit source]

[[PropertyName::coordinates (distance)]]


[[Coordinates::50° 50' 48" N, 4° 21' 10" E  (420 km)]]

This restricts the results to pages (or subjects) with a value for the Coordinates property that is within 420 kilometers of Brussels.

Supported distance units[edit | edit source]

All units supported by the distance function are also supported in distance queries.

Accuracy[edit | edit source]

Distance queries are not entirely accurate. They restrict results by creating a bounding box (square) around the specified location. This means some results that are outside the specified range might still be included.

Example[edit | edit source]

{{#ask: [[Category:Cities]] [[Coordinates::50° 50' 48" N, 4° 21' 10" E  (420 km)]]
 | format=map
 | ?Coordinates
Loading map...

Same query but without the distance restriction:

{{#ask: [[Category:Cities]]
 | format=map
 | ?Coordinates
Loading map...