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Google maps can be customized using various parameters.

This page lists examples. For an overview of available parameters and how to use them, see Customizing Google Maps.

Markers, Polygons, Lines, etc

See Displaying Google Maps


 | kml=BerlinDistricts.kml
 | zoom=9
Loading map...


 | gkml=
 | zoom=3
Loading map...

Map types

{{#display_map:center=Ben Nevis
 | types=satellite, terrain
 | type=terrain
 | zoom=9
Loading map...

Copy coords

Right-click on the map to copy the coordinates.

{{#google_maps:Hong Kong
Loading map...

Inline labels

Berlin~Popup title~Popup text~~Group~Berlin;
London~Popup title~Popup text~~Group~London (inline label);
Loading map...