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Cargo is an extension to MediaWiki that lets you store and query data in your wiki.

Since version 7.18, Maps integrates with Cargo by makings its map display format more powerful.

Syntax[edit | edit source]

| fields=_pageName=Place,PlaceName, Coordinates
| format=map
| icon=Red-marker.png
| scrollzoom=off
Loading map...

For more information, see the Cargo documentation on querying data.

Parameters[edit | edit source]

You can customize the map using the usual customization parameters that Maps supports. See customizing Leaflet maps and customizing Google Maps for more details.

At present it is only possible to use the default mapping service of your wiki by using format=map. By default this default is Leaflet, but you can change the default mapping service.

Using standard Cargo maps[edit | edit source]

While map replaces the standard Cargo display format for format=map with its own maps, you can still use all the standard Cargo display formats. This is done by using the mapping service specific formats such as format=openlayers.

Cargo query displayed by Maps, using format=map:

Loading map...

Cargo query displayed by Cargo, using format=openlayers:

Cargo query displayed by Cargo, using format=leaflet:

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