From Maps for MediaWiki

Community support[edit | edit source]

Post your questions on the Maps issue tracker.

If your question is specific to Semantic MediaWiki, or you cannot post on GitHub for whatever reason, you can use the Semantic MediaWiki user mailing list instead.

Professional support[edit | edit source]

Professional support is available via Professional Wiki. Professional Wiki is run by Jeroen De Dauw, the author of Maps. We can help you with usage of Maps, installation, upgrades and development of new features.

Reporting bugs[edit | edit source]

Report bugs on the Maps issue tracker.

Bug reports should answer at least the following questions:

  • Can the problem be viewed online in a public wiki? (If yes, provide its URL.)
  • Which versions of the relevant extension(s) was/were used?
  • Which version of MediaWiki was used?
  • Which server setup was used (PHP, MySQL, OS)?
  • Can the problem be reproduced on another wiki (like this one)? (If yes, provide its URL.)

Requesting new features[edit | edit source]

Request new features on the Maps issue tracker.