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This page is for wiki administrators who want to install the Maps extension. This is only possible with server access.


Maps is installed using Composer with MediaWiki's built-in support for Composer.

Step 1/2: composer update

On the command line, go to the base directory of your MediaWiki installation.

If you are using MediaWiki 1.35 or later and PHP 7.4 or later, run the following two commands:

COMPOSER=composer.local.json composer require --no-update mediawiki/maps:~10.1
composer update mediawiki/maps --no-dev -o

If you are using MediaWiki 1.35 or later with PHP 7.3, run the following two commands instead:

COMPOSER=composer.local.json composer require --no-update mediawiki/maps:~8.0
composer update mediawiki/maps --no-dev -o

If you are using an older version of MediaWiki or PHP, then run these two commands instead:

COMPOSER=composer.local.json composer require --no-update mediawiki/maps:~7.0
composer update mediawiki/maps --no-dev -o

Step 2/2: modify LocalSettings.php

Add the following line to the end of your "LocalSettings.php" file:

wfLoadExtension( 'Maps' );

Verify installation success

Check the "Special:Version" page on your wiki. If it lists Maps, then the installation was successful.


Maps works out of the box without any configuration work being required. Below are some key configuration options that you might want to change. For a comprehensive overview of all settings, see the configuration overview.

Mapping service

The Maps extension supports displaying maps using multiple mapping services, including Google Maps, Leaflet, and OpenLayers. Currently, the default is Leaflet, while in older versions of the extension, it was Google Maps.

If you do not wish to use the default, use the $egMapsDefaultService configuration parameter. Examples:

  • For Google Maps:
    $egMapsDefaultService = 'googlemaps3';
  • For Leaflet:
    $egMapsDefaultService = 'leaflet';

When using Google Maps, you will need to provide your Google API key:

$egMapsGMaps3ApiKey = 'your-api-key';

Geocoding service

The Maps extension supports geocoding, the conversion of human-readable addresses to coordinates. This is done via a web service for each map displayed on your wiki. By default, Maps uses Nominatim. To use a different geocoding service, use the $egMapsDefaultGeoService.

$egMapsDefaultGeoService = 'google';

Alternative installation methods

Semantic Bundle

Maps is included in Semantic Bundle, an extension package built around Semantic MediaWiki. To install Maps via Semantic Bundle, follow the Semantic Bundle installation instructions rather than the ones on this page.

Installation without shell access


This method is not officially supported.

Professional Hosting

The maintainers of the Maps extension provide commercial fully managed MediaWiki hosting.