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Maps supports multiple coordinate formats. This means that wherever you provide a location, you can either provide an address (which is then geocoded), or you can provide the coordinates directly in your format of choice. Maps is also capable of displaying coordinates in any of the formats it supports.

Places where you can provide coordinates: #display_map, #coordinates, #geodistance, #finddestination and in SMW via Template:DataType.

Places where maps can display coordinates: markers in maps (via #display_map), the output of #coordinates, the output of #finddestination, SMW query results and other places where SMW displays the coordinate data type.

Supported formats

All underneath formats are supported in both directional and non-directional notation. Directional notation uses letters such as N, E, S and W to indicate the 'direction' of a value, where non-directional notation uses positive and negative values. Available formats can be restricted in the wiki config with egMapsAvailableCoordNotations.


Parameter value: float

  • Directional: 55.7557860 N, 37.6176330 W
  • Non-directional: 55.7557860, -37.6176330

Decimal Degrees

Parameter value: dd

  • Directional: 55.7557860° N, 37.6176330° W
  • Non-directional: 55.7557860°, -37.6176330°

Decimal Minutes

Parameter value: dm

  • Directional: 55° 45.3472' N, 37° 37.0580' W
  • Non-directional: 55° 45.3472', -37° 37.0580'

Degrees Minutes Seconds

Parameter value: dms

  • Directional: 55° 45' 20.83" N, 37° 37' 3.48" W
  • Non-directional: 55° 45' 20.83", -37° 37' 3.48"

Default format

The default format is directional DMS. This can be changed in the wiki config with egMapsCoordinateNotation and egMapsCoordinateDirectional.